Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank you!

This past Saturday was the 5th Queen City Craft Bazaar.  This unique Vermont craft show made it's come back in the holiday circuit and I would say it came back with a bang.  I was blown away by the steady flow of customers from the moment the door opened at 10:00.  The energy in this building was buzzing with creativity from both the vendors and customers.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support indie craft.  I will have an album of photos from the show posted soon.

I am already starting to plan the spring show so if you are a vendor interested in applying keep checking back in the coming months for info.    I have a few new ideas up my sleeve for the next show.

Just because the show is over doesn't mean Queen City Craft goes away.  The website will continue to get updated with vendor spotlights, news and events, resource info and much more.  I am hoping to start up a series of gatherings called "The Business of Craft".  The first will focus on digital marketing and web analytics.  I'll post more info once this idea comes to life.

Thanks again! 

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