Queen City Craft is about supporting and promoting indie craft in Vermont and we've been doing it since 2007.  
What is indie craft?
 Indie craft is about pushing the limits, finding your own line, reusing, recrafting, and creating.  It is about offering an alternative.
What we do and why we do it
Vermont has a thriving fine art and fine craft scene, but indie craft doesn’t always fit into that mold. Queen City Craft promotes and supports these indie crafters through digital/social marketing and the Queen City Craft Bazaar.
Since 2007 The Queen City Craft Bazaar has been the place to promote indie crafters, artists and designers from Vermont and our surrounding neighbors. We are a unique curated show offering the best selection of vendors and products to our supportive and loyal customers. This fall we will be embarking on a new adventure. Because we truly do embrace indie/DIY spirit, we are shaking it up a bit and holding the show in a new location.
We are super excited to announce that the 2013 Holiday Queen City Craft Bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 23rd at the newly opened ArtsRiot space on Pine Street. This new location allows us to experiment with the show in ways we couldn't before.
Based on customer feedback over the years it is our goal going forward to offer more shows throughout the year rather than just two larger ones. We believe this will allow more year round opportunities for vendors and more frequent shopping opportunities for our customers.
You can learn more about the rise of the indie craft movement by watching the trailer of Faythe Levine’s documentary “Handmade Nation.” 

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Kacey Freel Boone
Director/Event Producer

Kacey Freel Boone is the Director and Event Producer of Queen City Craft. No stranger to the craft scene, she became one of the founding members of the Burlington Craft Mafia in 2005. After the group disbanded, she wanted to continue the mission of promoting indie craft in Vermont and started operating Queen City Craft in 2007.  Since then the QCCB has become the go to place for indie crafters to sell their work as well as shoppers who are looking for a different kind of shopping experience. Check out her very first event hosted by the Burlington Craft Mafia who got Stuck in Vermont.  

History of the Queen City Craft Bazaar

Queen City Craft was created to provide a home for indie craft in Vermont. If it looks a bit familiar that's because it is.  Sara DeFilippi of the late Made Boutique & Gallery started the Queen City Craft Bazaar in the Spring of 2007. Through her store and the creation of the Queen City Craft Bazaar Sara provided local indie crafters with a place to sell their handmade goods. Sara has since closed down the store and is moving on to other adventures so the torch has been passed to Kacey to carry on the message. Sara's entrepreneurial spirit will be missed in Burlington but her voice will still be heard from time to time as a guest blogger on Queen City Craft.

Thanks Sara! You will be missed.