Thursday, November 28, 2013

Photos from the Holiday 2013 Queen City Craft Bazaar

The Queen City Craft Bazaar moved to ArtsRiot in Burlington VT for the holiday 2013 show. We had 26 amazing vendors, food and drinks by ArtsRiot and live music by Quiet Lion. All photos by Matt Bogosian

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank you!

 Wow what an experience! Thank you to all our wonderful customers who came out to support local indie craft last weekend. The event exceeded my expecatations. I went to the new ArtsRiot space during their opening at the Art Hop a few months ago. I stood there in the middle of the room, drink in hand, music playing, watching crowds of people mingle with friends and I had a vision. I texted my friend Maggie and said "I think I've found the new home for the Queen City Craft Bazaar." The next morning I could not get this vision out of my head. I knew it would be a big risk to move the show, but I felt so strongly that it was time and I knew ArtsRiot was the place for it. This is the 7th year of the Queen City Craft Bazaar. For the most of those years it's been bi-annual. Not only have we changed the location, but our goal is to also change (increase) the frequency of the shows. Keep checking back for details. If you don't follow us on Facebook yet now is the time to start! If you haven't checked out all the photos from the show you can find them here.

 Thank you to Maggie for agreeing to come along this ride with me.

 Thank you again to the amazing vendors who took the chance on this new journey and to our  customers who followed us to the new location and those who found us for the first time.

Thanks to ArtsRiot for letting me bring my vision to life
Thanks to Quiet Lion for the lovely music
Thanks to Matt Bogosian for taking beautiful photos.

 xo Kacey

Friday, November 1, 2013

Quiet Lion To Perform!

We are VERY excited to announce that Quiet Lion will be performing at the Queen City Craft Bazaar during our closing reception on November 23rd at ArtsRiot. Shopping starts at 10am then from 4-6pm the music will be added. There will also be a cash bar so come on down and enjoy free music, shop from our vendors and enjoy a tasty beverage.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Important News!

Since 2007 the Queen City Craft Bazaar has been the place to promote indie crafters, artists and designers from Vermont and our surrounding neighbors. We are a unique curated show offering the best selection of vendors and products to our supportive and loyal customers. This fall we will be embarking on a new adventure. Because we truly do embrace indie/DIY spirit, we are shaking it up a bit and holding the show in a new location.
We are super excited to announce that the 2013 Holiday Queen City Craft Bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 23rd at the newly opened ArtsRiot space on Pine Street. This new location allows us to experiment with the show in ways we couldn't before.
The ArtsRiot space is smaller which does mean we will have to limit the number of vendors we can accept. Floor plans are being worked on now, but we estimate being able to offer 25-30 spots opposed to the 40 spots in the previous location. Based on customer feedback over the years it is our goal going forward to offer more shows throughout the year rather than just two larger ones. We believe this will allow more year round opportunities for vendors and more frequent shopping opportunities for our customers.

Kind Regards,
Kacey & Maggie

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Show Info

Hello hello!

I just wanted to let everyone know that sadly there will NOT be a Spring 2013 show.  The next show will be fall/winter 2013 and details will be available late summer.

In the meantime I have an exciting project underway.  I very anxious to share it with you all.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.