Monday, October 8, 2012

Meet The Vendors

photo: Matt Ames

One of the things I love best about running the Queen City Craft Bazaar is the process of jurying the show.  We handpick vendors to fill over 40 spots every year.  It's a hard process, but since the show began in 2007 it has been juried and I truly believe this allows us to provide a fresh and truly unique curated show each year.  One of the things I hate most about running the QCCB is jurying the show.  It breaks my heart to have to turn away so many talented crafters.  We strive to provide a good balance of different types of work.  Not too many of one thing while trying to stick to the vibe of the show that has made it so successful over the years.  We are different.  We are not a typical craft show and keeping with this vibe means having to make some tough choices sometimes.  Thank you to everyone who applied this year.

We are extremely pleased with the show we have put together for you though and so we are happy to present to you the 2012 Holiday Queen City Craft Bazaar Vendors!  Take a sneak peak and get ready to shop local, shop handmade on Saturday November 17th at Union Station in Burlington VT from 10am-4pm.