Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finding Inspiration

I am often asked by people "how do you do it all?"  They ask this question typically because I am a mother of two boys, I work a full time job outside of the home as a Web Analyst, I run my own indie craft business Subsixstudios, and I run Queen City Craft.  The answer I always give is "I don't."

I know a lot of crafty and creative people who always say they don't have the time to spend on their own creative interests.  This is true for most everyone I know.  Those of us who are trying to make a go of it, and those who can't seem to find a way to start.  Is there a trick?  No.  The only way to make it happen is to try.  No one is judging how much time you can put in.  I never have hours on end to spend on my side businesses.  When I wasn't working full time I did, but since going back to work a year ago that time started collecting dust in my basement on top of my once active craft studio.  Speaking of studio space - this is usually the second obstacle people mention to me as a reason to not get dirty with their supplies.  I know a few people who have studio spaces away from their homes, but most people I know don't.  We work in basements, spare rooms, kitchen tables, sheds, garages, mud rooms, and closets.

The key is to be as organized as you can be.  If you are able to find a free space in your house set up a table, get some storage bins or shelves and organize your supplies so it is easy to work in your small space.  If you do not have a free space in your home it is possible to craft on a kitchen or dining room table.  Again the key is organization.  You obviously will need to pull out all of your supplies and set them up to work as well as pack it all up at the end of the night and put it away so you have a place to eat in the morning.  Again, this is where having bins, trays, bowls etc . . . to work on comes in handy.

Finding the time is a tough battle for everyone.  Most of us create at night after we get home from work, kids are in bed, dishes are (sometimes) done, and usually not after all chores are completed.  Finding the time means making the time.  It means getting off the couch and turning off the TV.  It also means letting go of the need to finish your chores.  You don't need to do this every night, but I think the dust bunnies will understand if you let them shuffle around the floor one more day.

So if you are interested in pursuing your creative interest the best way is to just dive on in.  Let go of your fears and loosen the tight time band we tend to put on our lives.

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