Tuesday, November 25, 2008

subsixstudios speak

fall harvest bracelet by subsixstudios

My hands ache from craft show preparation. This coming weekend I am participating in the Women's Festival of Craft at City Hall in downtown Burlington. It is a two day event happening on Saturday Nov 29th and Sunday Nov 30th. I like this show for several reasons. One is that the vendor fee is reasonable. $90 for two days. You can even split that with a friend which I am doing (Erinn of urban-farmgirl) so my cost is just $45 for a two day show. Bargain! I love that the show is downtown at the end of Church Street because you are bound to get many people just coming in off the streets. I also love that there is no entrance fee for customers. Entry fees really turn me off. The building is packed with three floors of women crafters from all over. The energy is pumping and the location is great. It makes me a bit sad to not be producing the Queen City Craft Bazaar this year with my friend Sara who is at this time in Costa Rica learning how to teach ESL. I torch was passed down to me though and I do plan on bringing it back. It was just way too soon for me take on this year. It will be back in some way. I am toying with the idea of producing smaller shows more times throughout the year. What are your thoughts on that?

Luckily for me it is school vacation this week so I have both kiddos home. This might seem like more of a distraction but it actually saves me so much time because I don't have to run in and out 3 times a day doing school drop off and pick up. I have so much left to do before this weekend. Here is my to do list:

1. Finish the last 4 necklaces
2. Make at least 5 more pairs of earrings
3. Crochet as many scarves and scarflettes as I possible can
4. Wash my table cloth
5. Make a new sign for my table
6. Make some magnets
7. Price and make my price sheet
8. Go to the bank
9. Pick up my table from my friend's house
10. Breathe!

Ok not sure if that helped or hurt me to write all of those tasks out but there they are now. Layed out for all to see. I better get cracking!

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