Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Very Special VT Collab

photo: Erinn Simon

Take comic book artist, writer, rock musician and the Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont James Kochalka and mix him with the amazingly talented local crotchet goddess Erinn Simon and what do you get?  A kind of awesomeness that is beyond words!

James is the creator of the children's book series Johnny Boo and Erinn makes adorable amigurmi plush creatures.  Top Shelf Productions has licensed Erinn to make 25 limited edition Johnny Boo and Squiggle sets.  They are available online NOW.  If you have read the Johnny Boo books you must get this set for your kid or gift to someone.  If you haven't read the books trust me they are super cool and a must have for the litte ones in your life.

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