Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show Recap

The show is over and I am exhausted! In my eyes it was a huge success. Despite the rainy weather we had a steady flow of customers all day long. The customers loved the selection of vendors. I had one customer tell me her husband wouldn't come with her because he said it would be just another boring "grandma craft show". She said she couldn't wait to go home and tell him how wrong he was. It seemed like I hit my goal of delivering a show with high energy, creativity, and uniqueness. The customers seemed very pleased.

All in all the vendors felt a bit of the crunch of the economy. The general word was that people were buying but they were buying smaller ticket items. In my opinion this was expected. We all know how the economy has changed our buying habits. I know when I was planning my booth for the show I made a choice to have many lower cost items. I believe other vendors did the same.

One thing I want the vendors to know or anyone else out there looking to start doing craft shows is to know important to know the show you are applying for. Check out the info and background of each show. Look at he past vendor list to see how your work compares. It is important to try and match your style to a show you think might be a good fit. Style and price is important. The other important piece to remember is that some days you have good shows and some days you have bad.

To me a successful show isn't always about how much money you bring in. I did pretty decent at yesterdays show but it certainly wasn't my best day money wise. I did however make a few contacts that I hope to bring about exciting business opportunities in the near future. Sure we all want to make money at these shows but remember it is also a marketing tool for your business. You should be able to walk away from each show you do and learn something.

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who participated in the show this year. I really appreciate the support.

Thank you to all the customers who came down to shop for the day. Your business and feedback about the show is so much appreciated.

Here are some pictures of around the show. Click on anyone to see the whole photo set.

subsixstudios' Queen City Craft Bazaar Spring 09 photosetsubsixstudios' Queen City Craft Bazaar Spring 09 photoset

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