Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finding your thing

our booth

This weekend was the Women's Festival of Craft. Erinn and I shared a booth along with many super talented crafty ladies. If you missed the event WCAX filmed a spot on the show that you can watch here.

For me personally the show went pretty well. Saturday was swamped and I had my best day. Sunday not so swamped and sales were down for me. All in all though I thought the show was a success and I am so glad I did it again. You get so much more out of doing a craft show then just selling your wares. It is also a time of reflection. Ideas are formed and realizations are made. You try to anticipate what will be your hot selling item. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong. I hit the nail on the head with some new products I brought to my table for the first time, and I was surprised by how what used to be my bread and butter wasn't this time around. We live and we learn.

What I really like about doing a two day show is it gives me that extra time to make some of these realizations and act on them. Taking visual inventory of what was selling and what wasn't on Saturday allowed me to come back on Sunday with a fresh eye and change my display around.

This weekend was also about personal growth for me. I realized I am ready to take a next step in my crafting. I am ready to move on to my next big thing. I am ready to challenge myself and learn something new. I think in order to keep growing I need to branch out and find my thing. This all relates to my jewelry. Something is going to change. I am not quite sure what it is yet but I feel energized to make it happen.

those are all the deep thoughts I have for today.

keep crafting, keep pushing the limits, and keep being a rock star.


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